The Eternal Present

8I’m in the city right now, as I’m writing this entry. I went to the post office earlier to send some online orders in the mail and then to the store to get some goodies for the dinner I’ll make later tonight.

The past and the future appear repeatedly in my mind as reminders of what I’ve done, learned or undone. Reminders of what is yet to be done.

Every once in a while I realize that all that has ever existed and will ever exist is right here in the present moment. With that realization came the thought that at that very moment a Whale might have been breaching in the waters somewhere in Alaska. Maybe, and most likely, a bold Eagle might have been landing at the top of a branch on a cottonwood tree.

There is no doubt that as we live each second of our lives, another kind of time flows on its leisurely course. A constant awareness of this parallel time, tucked in some corner of our hearts or minds, can make a vast difference in our perception of life.

This is the eternal present.