The Eternal Present

8I’m in the city right now, as I’m writing this entry. I went to the post office earlier to send some online orders in the mail and then to the store to get some goodies for the dinner I’ll make later tonight.

The past and the future appear repeatedly in my mind as reminders of what I’ve done, learned or undone. Reminders of what is yet to be done.

Every once in a while I realize that all that has ever existed and will ever exist is right here in the present moment. With that realization came the thought that at that very moment a Whale might have been breaching in the waters somewhere in Alaska. Maybe, and most likely, a bold Eagle might have been landing at the top of a branch on a cottonwood tree.

There is no doubt that as we live each second of our lives, another kind of time flows on its leisurely course. A constant awareness of this parallel time, tucked in some corner of our hearts or minds, can make a vast difference in our perception of life.

This is the eternal present.


About Claudia

I’m a graphic artist, stationary lover, animation apprentice and writer based among the mushrooms and ferns of northern Washington. My work includes illustrations for my stationery line, posters, music festivals, wedding invitations and books.

I am especially interested in working with people invested in imaginative work that brings forth wildlife protection, spiritual development, wellness and sustainable practices.




About This Portal

A side

Outside the walls of the building where I’m sitting, there’s a bird on a tree. The bird is at the tree top singing a song. The wind is gently swaying the tree, back and forth. A seed falls on the ground from the tree on the rain moisturized soil. A squirrel is passing by and picks it up and walks away with it. The clouds are moving somewhat fast and it looks like it’s about to rain.

When I go outside I am reminded that everything is changing all the time and that the true nature of all beings is wild. When I’m outside I am reminded that we are all one in this perfect yet unpredictable and creative symphony, performed so magically and beautifully by the orchestra of all life.

Inside the walls there is a human body and consciousness. This body is no different from the bird, the tree, the wind, the seed, the squirrel, the rain or the soil. Neither it is different from the walls that contain it. I believe all of the things that exist come from one source root: the wild source root that brings mind and matter into existence, and life.

In spite of the apparently rapid human development we are facing in our lifetime, domesticated and wild creatures get to share spaces all the time. And it seems more and more imperative that we understand the relationships of coexistence we are engaging with. The health of these relationships will determine the health of our planet, our environments and our bodies. As above so bellow; as within so without could become a principle to return to while working through our understanding of these relationships.

My intention with this portal is to explore these relationships between the wild and the domesticated through the graphic lens of my illustration practice. Some stories may be accurately described to portrait waken reality, while others may be purely created through the imagination of dreamland reality. In any case, I hope that the stories in this portal will inspire you to investigate the nature of the relationships between you, beautiful human, and the world around you with awe and wonder.

Join me in this journey.



PS: This online portal explores the premise that nature is everywhere and it is everything